Thursday, April 29, 2010

About Kokoda

Okay, any wannabe visitors to PNG or anyone intending to walk the Kokoda Trail, please do not be discouraged with what is to follow. These are few links I found while googling about what one needs to know about PNG...better to be prepared.

To be honest, the more I read about PNG, the more I am tempted to go there ASAP. The sense of excitement and adventure is heightened by the very thought of danger and hardship. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. My friend Andrew who is currently in Arusha (Tanzania) teaching Physical Education to the poorer children in Tanzania (after having chucked his job back home in Australia), told me (on seeing the pictures of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland), that he wished he was right there to see it himself...and photograph it!

Let's face it. Danger appeals to all, for some more than the others, but danger holds universal appeal. I dont know what it is about danger that is so mysterious that one, against one's better sense, wishes to run right into it.

Like Kokoda for me.

Well, people have walked it successfully. And long as people have survived the hardhsips of the trails and the surroundings..well, I can too! I am not quite sure if my Kilimanjaro experience is enough to see me through the rain forests in PNG, but well, its time I found out.

Click here. Keeps you prepared! Let in not put you off.

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  1. I am one among them who would love to join u...u r very evidently tempting me and making me envious of u...Wish, I could come along and enjoy the moments...uhm...circumstances and commitments pull me back...That is why, I said, never let anything pull U back...if u succeed, I can be happy that somebody did atleast...All the Best....