Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miracles do HAPPEN

Between Sept 2010 and Feb 2011, were 5 months in which I gave up all hopes of ever walking Kokoda Track. I did think about the track often but with a tinge of regret that I couldnt, despite my best efforts find a way to make it happen. Gave up hope and because of that gave up wanting to turn super fit as I had done for Kilimanjaro, allowing myself to go soft out of dejection.

Then something happened. My friend Indeever Kaul in Singapore, who had been on my case long after I gave up called me with a piece of news I could give up both my arms for: That a visa to PNG was possible and rather easily too, I only had to go to Delhi for a day, yes ONE DAY, and someone he knew there would grant me the visa. It came from the horses mouth.

Never look a gift horse n the mouth, I believe and I am not even going to wonder why and how, all I know is that if such a thing is going to happen, thenI damn well be on that Delhi flight, leg it to the PNG High Commission and have the visa...and wing it to Port Moresby ASAP.

Oh, ASAP means at least 3 months from now for I must absolutely get rid of all the fat around my tummy to begin with.

Yes, it feels like Kokoda Will be possible after all.

Thank you Indeevar!! Cant tell you what a boost to my sagging morale that has been...!!!

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