Monday, March 7, 2011

Time ticks away

Oh boy, how quickly the time passes by and where am I? No training for last 3 days! THREE DAYS is too much time wasted, especially since I have about 84 days left!

But I have been busy pushing papers, well the visa papers atleast. Darn, it is a bit too tiresome, why cant it be a little easier? Spent a lot of money on international calls...and calling PNG isnt cheap either. See, am complaining a lot...this is what fast approaching deadlines do to you, coupled with the fear that the ruddy thing called the visa is still like the sword of Damocles, never knowing which way it will fall...

Anyway, back to training. Today even attempted to get back up on the CT but gave up 10 minutes before the set programme timed out. Well!

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