Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of late mornings and no training...

Quite like the title of the post, I have been having late mornings...meaning, I do wake up at the correct time, ie between 4.30-5am and have enough time to step up on my cross trainier for atleast half hour but then I wake up, count the days and happily curl up and sleep for another half hour. This is however most disturbing and quite unlike my earlier self when I would jump out of bed and waste no time in puffing away on the CT, now, even with such limited number of days, I simply dont feel up to it. Well, not something I am particularly proud of, because I happen to know just how tough Kokoda can be, seeing that the High Commissioner himself has warned me of the extremties I would face on the track.

Then there is the meticulous packing. Fortunately years of experience has shown me that I can live on very little, clothes and stuff dont matter too much in the jungle and am not finicky when it comes to looking pretty for the trees...so I guess I would be able to manage in far less than is recommended.

Good luck to me, I say!


  1. Can understand the excitement Anjaly. Wishing you safe trip to my high risky Indian friend:)

  2. Godspeed Anjaly.You are a daring person and can achieve the impossible.Good luck.Take care