Monday, April 25, 2011

Back on Track: 35 DAYS TO GO

After a long, unhealthy break from training, I am back on track...hope that I will keep it up as well.
I feel it in my bones that this week on (and it better be a right feeling), I am going to hit the track. Began with stair climbing this morning. Well, I had done quite well with stair climbing while training for Kilimanjaro last year, but I think keeping away from the stairs has had its toll on my heart, coz when I go back to climbing after months of using the elevator, my heart beats faster and breath comes in gasps. This wont do...with less than 40 days to go (I have been seeing pics of the track and trust me even pics so easily bring out the steepness and hardness of the walk), I cant afford to waste time getting my breath better come together fast!

Oddly enough, I already feel lighter. I guess, its the thyroid tablets that have done half the trick, making me lose a lot of the bulkiness I had added on suddenly, so thats an added advantage. Looking leaner somehow makes me feel happier and more focused.

Happy training Me!!

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  1. Wish you all the best.Hasten cautiously in stair climbing exercises.Godspeed
    Will be watching your progess day by day through this blog