Sunday, April 3, 2011

Visa issues

Imagine that my visa application is held up because people in Papua New Guinea think that India is "High Risk Country" and therefore my application is pending review.

Now, I can understand that if a PNGian must feel this way, there could be only one reason. They are blissfully unaware of India and her thousands of achievements. I am not going to write down all of that, naturally, but it has amused me no end (and also frustrated) that PNG thinks that because I come from India, it is risky business for them. I am not surprised that there arent many takers for this place...but for reasons unknown to me, I am still hung up on going there. Well, Kokoda is still a dream and in 'few days' as they assure me, I will know whether I am still under the 'risk' category and would be allowed entry into the only country in the world that practises cannibalism and has the highest crime rate in the world!!

Such is the irony!

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